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May 30, 2017
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Howdy all,

On behalf of all involved a couple of first words as introduction;

As you might have noticed Ogrish.TV has been completely rebuild from ground up. In fact we are still working on some things, in that regard if you see a bug please let us know.

What has changed or has been rebuild, or what not, is a bit too much to list in one blog but we might devote a blog solely to that if anyone is interrested. Some of the key feature changes is a complete change of backend to empower a frontend that can support more than just a videosite. Now what would that be you might ask… For one we can host marvelous blogs like Death and Reality, mind the decoration we are still painting… And DeathsDoor is going to shoot me for prematurely posting that link here… Or image galleries. For two we are working on a sort of multimedia library devoted to reality. For threes… we added a video submit and a whatsapp channel. For fours… well let’s not spoil everything now…..

We want to thank everyone involved, you know who you are!
Let’s keep up what we have going. 😉

“…if you are an old friend of ogrish and want to contribute or think you can be of any help, feel free to contact us.”

the Management

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  • Mike S

    I’m having issues registering……This after trying different browsers…..Also, some of the videos do not play as they should….

    • OgrishTV

      Hey Mike, sorry for the bit late reply. As you may guessed weren’t completely done with the comment system.
      The videos should now play on most devices, could you give an example of a video that isn’t working for you? And on what device that would be? So we can do a check.

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